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New Hampshire Community Colleges:

Discover Your Pathway

Alumni of New Hampshire’s Community Colleges have found their pathways to success in a wide range of fields and professions. With flexible schedules, convenient locations and affordable tuition, New Hampshire’s Community Colleges offer students a chance to receive a quality of education without a lifetime of debt.

Fact #2:

Top programs, quality staff and affordable tuition. Why look anywhere else?

New Hampshire’s community colleges offer programs that rank among the highest in quality and most affordable in the state, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by high school students. Check out why students are choosing New Hampshire’s community college instead of four-year college options.

Fact #14:

CCSNH Graduates Get High-Paying Jobs

The average salary of a registered nurse is over $60,000. A dental hygienist can make even more. Earn your certification in advanced welding, pipe welding or precision welding and the job placement is 100 percent and you can also earn more than $60,000. New Hampshire’s community colleges are readying its students in all three professions. And it doesn’t end there. Students graduating from New Hampshire’s community college are entering the workforce with high paying jobs.

Fact #27:

New Hampshire’s Community Colleges Have a Great Campus Life

Comedy nights, whiffle ball tournaments and community service trips to Florida to help ailing children and their families are just part of what students at New Hampshire’s community colleges experience. Getting a quality education at an affordable price is at the top of the list for many students and their families. New Hampshire’s community colleges provide that, but there is so much more. Faculty, staff and students work together to build a campus community that not only provides academic support, but strives to give all students a chance to have a college experience that goes beyond the classroom.

Fact #9:

Students Save $$$$$ at Community Colleges

Be prepared to pay upwards of $22,000 to $45,000 for a four-year college or university. Those are the national averages for in-state and private colleges. Or get a quality education at one of the New Hampshire’s community colleges for an average of $6,500. That’s the choice many high school students in New Hampshire are making as they enroll in programs at community colleges that lead to good paying jobs or allow them to amass credits that seamlessly transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

Fact #6:

Hard to Beat the Facilities and Programs at New Hampshire’s Community Colleges

The automotive program at Lakes Region Community College is building a $3.3 million facility, the welding program at White Mountains Community College has a state of the art virtual reality welding lab and the cyber security program at Manchester Community College has equipment that not even law enforcement officials in the state have. New Hampshire’s community colleges have programs and facilities that set themselves apart.

Fact #7:

I Had Other Choices, but I Chose Community College

Gates McPherson had her choice of four-year colleges she could have gone to when she graduated from Exeter High. Instead, she chose Great Bay Community College. The reasons were simple: She wasn’t sure what career path she wanted to follow and she wasn’t willing to spend much of her college savings to find out. She will move on to the University of New Hampshire through a dual admission program at GBCC that allows students to transfer seamlessly to UNH to complete a bachelor’s degree after completing their associate degree at Great Bay.

Fact #18:

The Best and the Brightest Teachers Are at New Hampshire’s Community Colleges

Janet Bloom is a Harvard-trained professor of science who has taken what can be an intimidating subject to many students and turned it into a fun and educational experience by relating how science affects our everyday lives. Peter LaMonica is a computer science professor at Manchester Community College who had one of the highest security clearances in the country during his time as a forensic computer analyst for the United State Postal Investigative Service. They are among the nationally-recognized faculty at New Hampshire’s community colleges.

Fact #23:

Location, Location, Location. New Hampshire’s Community Colleges Are Nearby

Not everyone can afford to leave home and go to college. Some don’t want to. Others want or need to work, allowing time for only a few classes. New Hampshire’s Community Colleges allow you the convenience and flexibility to do that.

Fact #25:

What Are You Looking For? NH’s Community Colleges Offer a Wide Choice of Programs

With hundreds of degree and certificate programs, New Hampshire Community Colleges offer students the opportunity to explore different career paths.

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