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Work, Live, Learn: Advance Your Career on Your Terms

You want to advance your career or start a new one, but sometimes finding the right path to reach that goal is difficult.

Working a full-time job or raising a family can get in the way of attaining the education and training needed for advancement. The Community College System of New Hampshire understands this and that’s why our seven member colleges all have a wide variety of online and night classes.

In addition to offering over 80 associate degree programs and 120 certificate programs to help you either kick start a new career or further the one you’re currently in, New Hampshire Community Colleges offer flexibility, affordability and convenience.

Evening, weekend and online sessions will help you achieve your career goals in a way that works for you. Here are 7 programs that will train you for jobs offering good salaries in high-demand fields in a way that fits into your schedule.

Health Information Management

A career in health information management includes working with a team of healthcare professionals to promptly and accurately assist patients. Health Information Management professionals are responsible for writing and keeping track of patient medical information. Manchester Community College and River Valley Community College offer an associate degree in HIM. According to, the average annual salary for a health information management manager at entry level is $51,701.

Manchester Community College offers an associate degree in HIM with the option of a medical coding professional certificate. Of the 21 courses required to complete the degree, 11 are offered online and 10 are offered as evening classes.

Criminal Justice

A degree in criminal justice offers several career paths, including law enforcement and corrections. C.J. students are highly encouraged to complete an internship with local law enforcement at the end of their second year, helping them apply and gain knowledge in a supervised setting. Great Bay Community College, NHTI-Concord’s Community College and River Valley Community College offer an associate degree in CJ. Nashua Community College and White Mountains Community College offer a CJ degree with a certificate option. The annual entry level salary for a police officer is $62,500.

Great Bay Community College offers an associate degree in Criminal Justice that requires 21 courses to complete and is 100 percent online.


If you are good with numbers and, perhaps, already do balance sheets as part of your current job, then accounting is a great career path that also boasts an entry-level salary of $47,313. All seven community colleges offer an accounting degree, most with the option of an additional certificate program.

NHTI offers an associate degree with all 18 courses being 100% online.

Computer Networking

The computer technology field has a high demand for skilled people, from end-user support to building and maintaining an infrastructure between computers and other devices. The average annual salary in the field of computer networking ranges from $32,500 for a support technician to $94,286 for a systems engineer. Nashua Community College and River Valley Community College offer an associate degree in computer networking, while Lakes Region Community College offers a certificate in computer networking.

Nashua Community College’s computer networking degree requires 19 courses, with six available online and 13 offered during the evenings.

Business Management

An associate degree in business management provides a great framework for anyone looking to further their existing business career or start a new path. This is an ideal tract for entrepreneurs planning to pursue their own business ventures. Lakes Region Community College and River Valley Community College offer an associate degree with the option of a certificate. Average annual salaries range from $38,153 for a property manager to $98,373 for a vice president of operations.[/three_fourth_last]

Lakes Region Community College’s business management degree requires 21 courses where 13 are offered during the evening and five offered online.

Cybersecurity and Healthcare IT

Qualified people in the healthcare field or with a knowledge of coding to fill positions in cybersecurity and healthcare IT are in high demand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an 18 percent growth in the field of information security from 2014-2024. The average entry level salary of an information security analyst is $63,980.[/three_fourth_last]

River Valley Community College is the only community college that offers an associate degree in cybersecurity and healthcare IT, offering 10 of the 23 required courses online and seven during the evening.

Health and Wellness Facilitator

A career in health and wellness facilitating requires great emotional stability, the ability to soundly judge a situation and the skills to establish a positive relationship with clients seeking help. The average salary of a health and wellness facilitator is $43,794.[/three_fourth_last]

White Mountains Community College is the only community college in New Hampshire offering an associate degree in health and wellness facilitating and 100 percent of the required 22 courses are online.


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